We Do All-Around Home Inspection here in Clovis, CA

Having a complete understanding of the overall condition of a property is extremely important especially if you are planning to purchase it. With that, we at Kevin Reynolds Enterprises can surely help. We provide comprehensive home inspection services available in and around Clovis, CA. Part of our services is providing you with a complete and easy to understand report. This report will help you learn everything you need to know about the property you are about to invest in. A home inspection should be taken seriously and should be done by an inspector who knows what’s at stake. Someone who specializes in troubleshooting homes and identifying the repairs needed. Say, someone who has a background in home construction projects just like us! We are experts in any repair may it be structural, roofing, electrical, or plumbing. With us, you are partnered not only with a highly accountable inspector but also with an efficient home improvement expert.

We are a holder of a California Contractors License and are affiliated with Fresno Association of Realtors. This, paired with our years in the construction business guarantees that you are working with a tried and tested professional. So if you are going to be a homeowner in Clovis, be sure to partner with a home inspector like us. We value our client’s best interests and make it the very essence of our business.

As an excited potential buyer of a home, please allow us to provide you a realistic, objective, reasonable, and accurate assessment of your investment. Contact us using the details found below to start securing a dream home for you and your family.

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