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Protecting your biggest investment starts with insuring your home. If you need to get insurance, you'll have to get an inspection. KRE Home Inspection Service handles insurance home inspections in Santa Maria, CA. Our pre-insurance inspections cover all the major parts of the home, including appliances and chimneys. They can also uncover potential issues with the home.

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3 reasons why homebuyers depend on me

3 reasons why homebuyers depend on me

A professional inspection is an important part of insuring your home. Santa Maria, CA area homebuyers choose me for their insurance home inspections because I:

  1. Follow CREIA inspection standards
  2. Am certified by the state of California
  3. Have experience in the contracting field
Due to my extensive experience, I know how to manage pre-insurance inspections with care. Contact me now if you need to schedule a professional inspection.